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Michael Tein defends California Scientists

Posted on: April 21st, 2017 by lewistein No Comments

Michael Tein from Lewis Tein defends scientists from two firms, DaVinci Biologics and DV Biosciences, in California accused by Orange County District Attorney, Tony Rackaukas, for gaining profit for the sale of fetal tissue. The case is currently being litigated. Read more Los Angeles Times and


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Pastor: Commissioner Used Me To Get Money

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In an interview with the State Attorney’s office last October, client Reverend Gaston Smith explained that Miami City Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones used him to get money from a County grant without his knowledge. Reverend Smith created a non-profit organization in 2005 at the urging of Spence-Jones and Spence-Jones then allegedly assisted with arranging for the organization to receive the Miami-Dade County grant. Spence-Jones was provided $8,000 in consulting fees out of the grant funds. The interview with the State attorney’s office was secretly recorded by a Miami-Dade police detective without the knowledge of Reverend Smith or his attorneys.


Reverend Smith is currently awaiting trial on one count of grand theft related to alleged personal spending of the county grant funds. Reverend Smith has proclaimed his innocence. It is unclear whether Spence-Jones will be charged.


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Judge Says Famed Artist Can’t Be Sued Over Copyright due to Jurisdiction

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Famed Colombian-born artist Fernando Botero has ties to Florida, though he lives elsewhere. Partly on that basis, two art brokers tried to sue him in Broward Circuit Court, claiming he tortiously interfered in their deal with a Colombian museum to reproduce his art work and sell it online. Botero donated art and money to the museum, which hired the art brokers to reproduce his art and sell it in shops. But Botero’s lawyers claim that the artist never agreed to let the museum reproduce his work.

Listen to an interview by W Radio with Guy Lewis (conducted in English and translated by radio host).

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Judge Orders Arrest of KL Partner

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Former KL partner, John Kim, was arrested on civil contempt for failing to repay approximately $2.8 million dollars. To date, Lewis Tein has recovered approximately $4.3 million in assets from the fraudulent hedge fund.

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